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PS: Chapter 16 - Harry decides to stop Snape from getting the Philosopher's Stone

Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Chapter: Chapter Sixteen - Through the Trapdoor
Brief summary of scene: Harry decides he is going to stop Snape from getting the Philosopher's Stone but not before Ron and Hermione have their say.
Disclaimer: This excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This material is presented for the purposes of review and critique only.

‘I’m going out of here tonight and I’m going to try and get to the Stone first.’

‘You’re mad!’ said Ron.

‘You can’t!’ said Hermione. ‘After what McGonagall and Snape have said? You’ll be expelled!’

‘SO WHAT?’ Harry shouted. ‘Don’t you understand? If Snape gets hold of the Stone, Voldemort’s coming back! Haven’t you heard what it was like when he was trying to take over? There won’t be any Hogwarts to get expelled from! He’ll flatten it, or turn it into a school for the Dark Arts! Losing points doesn’t matter anymore, can’t you see? D’you think he’ll leave you and your families alone if Gryffindor win the house cup? If I get caught before I can get to the Stone, well, I’ll have to go back to the Dursleys and wait for Voldemort to find me there. It’s only dying a bit later than I would have done, because I’m never going over to the Dark Side! I’m going through that trapdoor tonight and nothing you two say is going to stop me! Voldemort killed my parents, remember?’

He glared at them.

‘You’re right, Harry,’ said Hermione in a small voice.

‘I’ll use the invisibility cloak,’ said Harry. ‘It’s just lucky I got it back.’

‘But will it cover all three of us?’ said Ron.

‘All – all three of us?’

‘Oh, come off it, you don’t think we’d let you go alone?’

‘Of course not,’ said Hermione briskly. ‘How do you think you’d get to the Stone without us? I’d better go and look through my books, there might be something useful …’

‘But if we get caught, you two will be expelled too.’

‘Not if I can help it,’ said Hermione grimly. ‘Flitwick told me in secret that I got a hundred and twelve per cent on his exam. They’re not throwing me out after that.’
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