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CoS: Chapter Eleven-- Starting the Polyjuice Potion

Book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (US Edition)
Chapter: 11
Brief summary of scene: Harry meets Hermione and Ron in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom as they start on the Polyjuice potion.
Disclaimer: This excerpt from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (US Edition) was created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This material is presented for the purposes of review and critique only.

Harry forced a laugh, watched Percy walk out of sight, and then headed straight for Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. He couldn't see why Ron and Hermione would be in there again, but after making sure that neither Filch nor any prefects were around, he opened the door and heard their voices coming from a locked stall.

"It's me," he said, closing the door behind him. There was a clunk, a splash, and a gasp from within the stall and he saw Hermione's eye peering through the keyhole.

"Harry!" she said. "You gave us such a fright-- come in-- how's your arm?"

"Find," said Harry, sqeezing into the stall. An old cauldron was perched on the toilet, and a crackling from under the rim told Harry that they lit a fire beneath it. Conjuring up portable, waterproof fires was a specialty of Hermione's.

"We'dve come to meet you, but we decided to get started on the Polyjuice Potion," Ron explained as Harry, with difficulty, locked the stall again. "We've decided this is the safest place to hide it."

Harry started to tell them about Colin, but Hermione interrupted.

"We already know-- we heard Professor McGonagall telling Professor Flitwick this morning. That's why we decided we'd better get going--"

"The sooner we get a confession out of Malfoy, the better," snarled Ron. "D'you know what I think? He was in such a foul temper after the Quidditch match, he took it out on Colin."

"There's something else," said Harry, watching Hermione tearing bundles of knotgrass and throwing them into the potion. "Dobby came to visit me in the middle of the night."

Ron and Hermione looked up, amazed. Harry told them everything Dobby had told him-- or hadn't told him. Hermione and Ron listened with their mouths open.

"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened before?" Hermione said.

"This settles it," said ron in a triumphant voice. "Lucius Malfoy must've opened the Chamber when he was at school here and now he's told dear old Draco how to do it. It's ovcious. Wish Dobby'd told you what kind of monster's in there, though. I want to know how come nobody's noticed it sneaking around the school."

"Maybe it can make itself invisible," said Hermione, prodding the leeches to the bottom of the cauldron. "Or maybe it can disguise itself-- pretend to be a suit of armor or something-- I've read about Chameleon Ghouls--"

"You read too much, Hermione," said Ron, pouring dead lacewings on top of the leeches. He crumpled up the empty lacewing bag and looked at Harry.

"So Dobby stopped us from getting on the train and broke your arm...." He shook his head. "You know what, Harry? If he doesn't stop trying to save your life he's going to kill you."
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