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Admin: New rule

Hey guys. I'm going to have to put a new rule in place for this community. All quotes must be posted by 10pm EST each day unless there is a prior arrangement. If not, I will post (or I will have someone else post). I really want this to be a good, daily community, but lately quotes have been posted maybe 3 out of every 7 days for a good while now. And please remember that you sign up for an entire week, not just the first couple of days.

upcoming quoters:

February 27 - March 5 - </a></b></a>lysrouge
March 6 - March 12 - </a></b></a>tarie
March 13 - March 19 - </a></b></a>heykidbiteme
March 20 - March 26 - </a></b></a>hobviously

these days are still available:

March 27 - April 2
April 3 - April 9
April 10 - April 16
April 17 - April 23
April 24 - April 30

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